MoJo Reps



Here is where you come in.

We are looking for people who are interested in getting the product out, getting people energized, and making some money.


MoJo Reps buy bottles of Ignite and Burn at the wholesale price of $17.50 a bottle. These come in a one-month's supply and retail for $30. The Build wholesales at $12.50 and sells for $25. Every bottle you sell makes you $12.50 in profit!  

You just have to order 12 bottles at a time, and our site takes credit card so it's very easy to order. 

Now truthfully, that's it!


With a little work, we believe anyone will be able to sell at least 10 bottles per week (40 per month), and make an easy $500 a month. 

When your clients reorder every month, and you add those to the new people trying it every month, your income can skyrocket quickly!

To add incentive, we offer a BONUS:

Sell $1000 the first month (33 bottles); Earn an extra $100!

Sell $5000 in the first 3 months (166 bottles); Earn an extra $250!

Sell $10,000 in the first 6 months (333 bottles); Earn an extra $500!

We also give a Referral Bonus if you get a gym or another rep on board. From experience, we know most gyms are selling some kind of product. And all gym owners are looking for other ways to make money. Selling MoJo Supplements is an easy option for them. The Referral Bonus is 5% of the wholesale amount of their orders! 

How We Are Different

Unlike most multi-level marketing companies, we don't require a big initial investment to become a rep. We also don't want you to go out and find 5 other people to sell it for you. The only requirement is for you to buy 12 bottles at a time; which helps cover shipping, credit card costs, etc.

There is no pressure, and obviously we just want this to be an opportunity to grow together, everyone make some extra money, and open up some free time for families.